Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download Free USB Virus Remover, Autorun Virus Remover 3.2

The current antivirus doesn't provide full protection for USB and pen drive, they can't even detect the USB autorun.inf virus or only show the removal of virus again and again, but never remove the viruses permanently. Actually, autorun.inf virus is not sy to be removed, it is a new type USB virus, even formatting the USB or pendrive, the viruses comes back again and again. USB Virus Scan is a virus removal tool especially for removing and preventing autorun virus, it use innovative proactive technology to detect and get rid of virus. Combining proactive behavioral detection with definition-based scan, USB Virus Scan delete USB autorun virus sily and quickly. What' s more: all the virus removal will not corrupt data in USB . if files and folders are hided by viruses, the remover tool can also recover and show them automatically.
Once using the autorun virus infected pen drive in computer, the system would also get infected with the viruses, from then on, any USB connected to the USB port will be infected, the virus will copy autorun.inf and other suspicious files onto the drives. USB Virus Scan not only remove autorun virus in USB drive, but also has the ability to scan and delete the worm in your computer, the removal process is sy and quick for you while using USB Virus Removal tool.

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