Tuesday, May 17, 2016

aSc TimeTables 2014.2.3 Multilingual

aSc TimeTables is built as the only timetabling solution that can erate school timetable up to the last card.You should check the Tutorial first as it shows you the basics of the software and you can quickly get info on what the software can do and where to find it.

Simple data entry
It is quick and sy to enter all subjects, classes, classrooms, tchers and their contracts. The appliion also enables crting all specific divisions of classes into groups. It is possible to unite more classes into one lesson or to have more tchers for one lesson.The tutorial is an important part of the program. Mr. Schoolover will tch you how to enter data, erate, verify and print timetables.

Automatic erating
In few minutes, the program erates a complete timetable that fulfils all your requirements. The program follows all psycho hygienic and organizational requirements such as:
- The minimization of gaps in tchers' schedules, the limitation of maximal of gaps in tchers' schedules, as well as the limitation of days, when tchers tch.
- Classes of a subject has to be distributed equably in the entire week.
- Verifiion of succession of entire and divided classes.
- Placing lessons into allowed classrooms.
- And many more...

Verifiion of the timetable
The program verifies the data entered and helps you remove standard entry errors. It also verifies, whether the crted timetable fulfils all conditions. You can make changes to the timetable, and the program notifies you, in case of illegal changes.

Complete print
You can print your timetable. The program automatically crtes timetables for ch class, tcher or classroom. It crtes summary timetables of classes, tchers or classrooms for the entire school. Once printed it helps you sily assign substituting tchers when necessary. You can specify which classes, tchers or classrooms you want to print in ch summary timetable.

Intuitive control
You can change the timetable by moving classes with the mouse. The program prevents you from making illegal changes, and it shows you when the tchers have free time in the timetable. In case you are not satisfied with the changes you have made you can undo the last 100 operations by using Undo and Redo buttons.

aSc Substitutions
The program aSc Substitutions helps you solve everyday problems with substitutions of missing tchers. The program crtes monthly and yrly reports of missing tchers and substitutions. It also computes overtime for every tcher.



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