Tuesday, May 17, 2016

AviiNL's 8 (9200) KMS Tool Free Download

AviiNL's 8 (9200) KMS Tool Free DownloadAviiNL have made a simple console appliion using C# that helped him activate his . This appliion is written using 8 (9200) Enterprise x64 but should also work on x86 (32bit). It probably won't work in 8 Pro (MCE) as personally he doesn't use it and have no need for it Maybe he will implement support for Pro later when KMS becomes possible for it.

- Add known KMS servers to servers.txt
-- 1 server per line
-- port is optional (unless differs from default port)
- Run Activate.exe

What it does:
When running Activatio.exe it will scan servers.txt for servers (online or offline, does not matter)
The point of this program is attempting to activate with all servers listed in servers.txt untill is activated
When it can't activate with any of the servers in the list, it will try again after 1 minute in case one of the servers come back online.Download Link:CLICK HERE to Download

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