Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Download BlueSoleil 8 With // Full Version Free

BlueSoleil is a powerful Bluetooth connection software that supports a wide range of activities all within one interface.These include support for VoIP, transferring of files to and from mobiles and the ability to call your contacts though Skype with a Bluetooth hdset. In addition, BlueSoleil, of course includes wireless internet access anywhere and the possibility of listening to music stored on a PC using a Bluetooth wireless hdset anywhere within range.BlueSoleil is also suitable for sending pictures from a Bluetooth Digital Camera to a PC without any cables. You can also print to file using a Bluetooth printer, use a Bluetooth wireless board and mouse to control a PC and exchange or synchronizing personal information.BlueSoleil provides all the Bluetooth functions you could possibly need in one powerful piece of software.

Click Here to Download BlueSoleil 8.0.395
Or, Click Here to Download BlueSoleil 8.0.395(MIRROR)

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