Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Driversy Professional Multilingual

Driver sy is such a practical tool that helps you solve the driver problem sily. It can auto-detect and download the latest suitable hardware drivers for your computer by just several clicks. With the friendly user interface, Driver sy is quite sy to use that you can completely download all latest device drivers within 3 clicks.

Driver sy Ftures

Your One-Stop Driver Solution
Driver sy is design for quickly and sy to identify unknown device's drivers, and keep your driver in latest version. Much more, we have implement driver backup, driver restore, and driver uninstall fture, to ensure your driver secure and safe.

Smart "Auto-Installation"
This smart fture is our Industry first technology! It enable user to install the driver automatically ,even help you extract, analyze & install it. What you need to do is to click your mouse once or twice.

Detect Unknown Device Driver
Driver sy has a huge online database, which include over 100,000,000 hardware device's driver, with it revolutionary driver detect engine, it help you download the unknown device driver, help you fix the driver issue.

Keep Existing Driver Up-to-Date
With our daily update driver database, your system will improve the performance, fix the blue screen problem, add more enhance fture by install the latest drivers.

Backup & Restore Drivers
Do not worry about it if you lost the driver disc, Driver sy can backup the driver your current installed, you can restore it after system reload. This is an benefit fture if you not sure are the new driver compatible your system or not, you can backup existing driver, and roll-back it later.

Uninstall Removed Hardware Driver
When you replace the graphic card, do you know still keep your old one driver, and will launch it ch time, when start up. This will case the system slowing boot up, and may case some system conflict. Driver sy allow you uninstall the removed hardware, to cln up your system.



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