Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ESET PureFix 2.03 Free Download

ESET PureFix 2.03 Free DownloadESET PureFix is a Program to ESET Smart Security - NOD32. After using this program, ESET Smart Security-NOD32 no longer ask for the for good.

Before downloading this you need to temporarily disable the protection of ESET. When you upload the file to add an exception to the node

Installation instructions:

Option 1 (If ESET is alrdy installed and activated):Restart the computer and log on in safe mode.Run the ESET PureFix and click "Enable".Restart.
Option 2 (If you have not installed ESET):Run the ESET PureFix and click "Enable".Install the product of ESET.Activate the 30-day trial (using any e-mail address.) Or insert any working .If ESET is not started updating after , update it manually.Wait until the end PureFix .Push - Reloaded.

How to remove:
Option 1 (If you want to remove only PureFix):Restart the computer in "safe mode")Run the ESET PureFix and click "Disable".Restart.Option 2 (Delete PureFix and Anti-Virus)Run the ESET PureFix and click "Disable".Remove ESET products completely.
Download Links:

Click Here to DownloadOr,Click Here to Download (MIRROR)Or,Click Here to Download (MIRROR)

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