Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lwo Blu-ray Crtor

Lwo Blu-ray Crtor is reputed to be the best maker and Blu-ray . It is able to to Blu-ray discs (BD-25, BD-50), crte multiple s (-5, -9) and erate ISO for further uses. With this versatile Blu-ray Crtor, you can AVI to Blu ray/, rip MKV to Blu ray/, convert MOV to Blu ray/, make MP4 to Blu ray/, output MPEG to Blu ray/, erate WMV to Blu ray/, etc. For stereo enjoyment, it also supports to to 3D s and Blu-ray discs.

Within this Blu-ray software, more to blu ray or editing ftures can be achieved. You can cut out the unwanted part of the by mns of trimming and cropping, adjust the effect or add individualized design ftures through effecting and watermarking. In 3D setting, you are given various setting modes for options and with the capacity to adjust 3D Depth. Furthermore, you can pick up your favorite or Blu-ray menu templates and personalized label, background picture and music can be attached to the output with this Blu-ray maker. By using this Blu-ray Crtor, you can make numerous s and Blu-ray discs with only a few clicks.


Crte and to Blu-ray and

to common/3D Blu-ray discs
This to Blu-ray Converter enables you to crte common or 3D Blu-ray discs (BD-25, BD-50) from various multimedia sources: common s and audios, HDDV or SDDV shot memories, YouTube s, QuickTime , etc.

to common/3D s
With this Blu-ray Crtor you can make common or 3D s (-5, -9) without limit, for eternal storage or playback on player.

Crte ISO
Lwo Blu-ray Crtor can not only convert to blu ray and , but also support to convert to ISO which can be drawn down for further use.

erate Personalized Blu-ray and

Customized editing ftures
The Blu-ray software can convert to blu ray and with customized traits. You can trim and crop the to remain the necessary part, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and volume, add or text watermark to , and do 3D settings.

Rich Blu-ray and menu templates
You can endow the output Blu-ray disc or with menu template themes embedded such as Standard, Business, Eduion, Holiday, Nature, Others and more. Or you can customize menu by employing self-defined Themes, Background, Button, Caption and more.

Additional output ftures
You are able to select Volume Label, to ISO File/ Folder/Blu-ray Folder, do settings and etc. within this Blu-ray maker.

sy Operation with High-quality Output

Multi-core CPU supported
It is the best Blu-ray that can automatically detects CPU core which helps you make a wise selection on it to ensure smooth PC operation.

Handy Blu-ray Crtor
With technical hassles free, users in all levels can successfully accomplish the to blu ray and ing process by a few clicks.



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