Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Norton Utilities 2013 Free Download+\ \

Norton Utilities 2013 Download with \ \Norton Utilities 2013 with 100% working linksNorton Utilities 2013 rd description.Norton Utilities - a set of tools designed to configure, cln, optimize and maintain your computer. According to independent studies PassMark Software, after optimization problem mns your PC Norton Utilities 15 download time is reduced by a quarter, and the download time Word - 16%. Incrsing the stability and reliability of the system as a whole. 's Norton Utilities Provides the essential tools you need to optimize the Performance of your PC. The appliion suite clns up, tunes up and speeds up your PC to help it run like new again. Norton Utilities finds and fixes registry links and damaged files, frees up space, reclaims system memory, accelerates startup time, and boosts appliion and system performance. It opens the programs faster and you can work on multiple open programs simultaneously. Unlike other PC tune-up software, Norton Utilities focuses 100 percent on performance and provides sy-to-use tools that make a rl difference. Make your computer boot faster by prioritizing the startup programs with Startup Manager. Instd of letting load programs you do not need, Startup Manager loads Only Choose the programs you.

Ftures : • Duplie File Finder - Finds All Duplie Files of the stered Across your Computer's hard Drive, SO CAN you Remove Them Free and up space for More of your Stuff. • System Dashboard - Shows you Step-by-Step How to Get your Computer to run Like new again. • Appliion Uninstaller - Removes the programs you do not use or Which Take up too many Resources. • Speed ​​ - Brings Together (defragments) and reorganizes (optimizes) and Data Files That have Become stered Across your hard Drive. • Doctor - Scans your hard Drive and Alerts you to Problems That Cause Computer CAN errors and crash your hard Drive. • Clner - Permanently erases Record All of your Computer and Web Activities to protect your Privacy. • Registry Clner - Helps Eliminate Registry Problems That CAN slow down your PC, and trigger error messages Cause to crash. • Registry Defragmenter - Removes GAPS , Free space and Corrupt Files in your Registry and IT Compacts to Free up Memory system and make your PC start up faster. • Registry Restore - Makes a Backup of the Registry before making any Repairs SO you CAN sily undo Them if Necessary. • Startup Manager - Lets you Choose What programs load automatically When starts in order to Free up Memory and Improve PC Startup time. • Service Manager - Improves Startup time and Reclaims Memory system by letting you Turn off unneeded system appliions (Also known as Services) That Runs automatically in the background. • UnErase Wizard - Lets you restore accidentally deleted Quickly Files That May still be on your hard Retrievable Drive. • Smart Updates - Silently and automatically installs Product upgrades.


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