Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rohos Encryption 2.0 Multilingual + Portable

Rohos - program crtes hidden and protected partitions on the computer or USB flash drive and protects/locks access to your Internet appliions. With megabytes of sensitive files and private data on your computer or USB drive you can not imagine life without the hidden partition that is crted using this wonderful tool.

Strong & On-the-fly encryption
Rohos uses NIST approved AES encryption aorithm, 256 bit encryption length. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.

No risk of data loss
Partition reset option allows crting a backup file to access your secured if you forgot your or lost USB .

sy to use
Rohos cares about usability: Your first Encrypted Drive can be turned on with a single click or automatically on system startup. -On notifiion help first-time users to know when secured partition is rdy to work.

Hide folder
This option brings affordable and AES 256 strength encryption solution to improve security issues by preventing unauthorized access to your Internet apps, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype on your PC by local or network users.

Unlimited encryption capacity
You can have unlimited of additional encrypted virtual drives, over your network storage, USB flash drive or -ROM. Virtual drives size is unlimited. ch secured drive can have a shortcut to open it.

Portable data security solution
You can have a protected partition on your USB flash drive and access it on any computer. Rohos has a portable portion that can be installed into any USB flash drive along with a secured partition.

Have a USB for access control
You can use USB flash drive or security tokens like Aladdin eToken to access all of your secured automatically without the need to remember and enter manually.

MS appliions integration
You can Open or Save your protected documents right from MS Word (Excel) by clicking on the personal icon. You don’t need to navigate to sub folders or additional letter.

Doesn’t require Admin privileges
You can access your virtual drive on the USB flash drive or -ROM with Rohos Browser on any guest computer without having administrators rights.

Secure shortcuts on the desktop
Don’t worry about the shortcuts to the documents from the encrypted drive. Rohos automatically hide them from the desktop when secured drive gets off-line.

Expandable virtual drives
Rohos allows to enlarge virtual encrypted partition any time you need (applied only for NTFS format partitions).

Integrated File-shredder
Any file or folder can be sily moved into Encrypted Rohos with shredding afterwards. Right from File Explorer.

Hide your sensitive files into a single AVI or media file such as , OGG, WMA etc.



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