Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sticky PRO

Sticky - a unique program that integrates the system remembers and automatically enters the user IDs and s to the field site, any program on your computer! Sticky oppose logeram and other spy program to try to capture your s. A -protected powerful encryption aorithms, including AES / Rijndael with 256 to date, most reliable.

Sticky - the best solution for s!
• No need to remember all those s
• Keep your personal data safe!
• Automatic Form Filling
• Protection from phishing and loggers
• Take your s with you wherever you sent

Main ftures of Sticky :
• Protector uses the latest technology and is opposed to loggers and other spyware. It informs the user about the attempts of computer programs and libraries to get information from other programs.
• The portable version allows you to have s at your fingertips. Sticky can be run from any portable device - USB drive or a .
• Open access to the s using USB or Bluetooth device. Now you do not need to enter your .
• s are protected by powerful encryption aorithms that are impossible to within a rsonable time.
• Automatic form filling work for all programs and web pages. , login and other fields are filled in automatically only when necessary.
• You can save multiple s and logins for one account.
• sy to use: you can use and modify the stored information directly from the program that uses them.
• Automatic backup of s database: modified or deleted s can be retrieved at any time.

· The database is encrypted with the strongest encryption aorithms in the industry
· Crtes strong s
· Auto-fill of logins and s for websites and appliions
· Form-filling capability with Sticky "Identities"
· All data is stored in the encrypted database
· Protection against phishing s and loggers through tools like the new virtual board
· Support for multiple access authorization methods like Bluetooth and USB devices
· Support for multiple logins and s for ch account
· Incrsed privacy protection, thanks to enhanced handling of s in encrypted format while in memory
· An sy first run wizard and grt user interface
· sy import of s
· Expanded support of websites and appliions
· All accounts on the protected computer have their own database
· USB-portability
· Portable Sticky
· Automatic backup of the encrypted database, ensures that you can restore past s if you ever need to

Information about the program
Title:Sticky Pro

Platform: XP/Vista/7


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