Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Topaz Labs photoFXlab 1.2.7

Rdy to experience Topaz in a new way? A standalone appliion that can also be accessed as a plug-in, photoFXlab™ is the ultimate hub for all things Topaz. With instant access to all of the Topaz plug-ins, photoFXlab™ sily connects you to all of your Topaz effects in a srchable library. Fturing a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone™ your s, photoFXlab™ is the new way to experience Topaz.

With a synergized workspace dedied to your favorite Topaz tools, photoFXlab™ complements your existing Topaz workflow - giving you the perfect Topaz workshop to crte stunning photos. Built for convenience, flexibility and simplicity, photoFXlab™ will help boost productivity and transform the way you edit with Topaz.

Instantly Apply Effects
Use the srchable effects library to explore and apply presets without having to access your plug-ins. With over 500 effects, the possibilities are endless!

Quick Access to Plug-ins
And if you want to make your own effects, photoFXlab™ offers speedy access to all of your Topaz plug-ins. See here for details.

Convenient Editing
Refine your enhancements using the convenient adjustment sliders and editing tools, fturing the new liColor™ technology.

Platform: (x86/x64).



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