Tuesday, May 17, 2016


According to , Visio 2010 is a diagramming tool, however, it can be utilized as a mind mapping tool. What makes Visio better than others is compatibility knowing very well that it can be rd by anyone with Visio 2010 Viewer installed, most important of all; it is backed by a big corporation that will guarantee its existence for many more yrs to come.Start by building your diagram with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. Then, sily link your diagram to popular data sources (such as Excel). You’ll see data automatically refresh right within your diagram, reflected in vibrant visuals such as icons, symbols, colors, and bar graphs. Finally, with just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to SharePoint, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio.Unlike other diagramming tool, Visio 2010 allows you to store, share, and reuse business process diagrams and sub processes through Visio 2010 integration with SharePoint 2010 Process Repository. The data is available online and accessibly anywhere anytime. Other ftures of Visio 2010 Viewer includes:Pan and zoom in the drawing window by using toolbar buttons, board shortcuts or menu items in the shortcut menu.Able to see the properties of any shape by opening the Properties and Settings dialog box, and then selecting a shape.Some rendering and display settings are available in the Display Settings tab of the Properties and Settings dialog box.Able to set drawing-layer visibility and colors in the Layer Settings tab, and annotation visibility and colors in the Markup Settings tab.
Supports Visio binary (.vsd) and XML (.vdx) files.


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